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Coaching in Management

Coaching in Management is a way of 'interaction' that transforms what is possible for one self, their group and the Organization. It´s a methodology that empowers people to choose transparency, radical honesty, and accountability over defensive positions, and beliefs that stunt growth.

Coaching in Management is a culture that drives optimum performance.

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Coach Pete´s Blog provides the opportunity for his participants to share the insights and breakthroughs they created through their experience in TMD, TBD, and ECD. In addition, he shares videos and articles that help execute the benefits Coaching in your life.

What our clients say

Since Basic, I have learned to be confident and confrontational, this has improved my communication skills in my dept.


I am now having a healthy relationship for the first time in my life. I have never in any of my relationships been in a healthy one. For the first time I trust my partner fully and we even spent a weekend apart and there was no negative about it. I would not have had that.


My 'Before' and 'After' of the Basic Training class is TREMENDOUS. In learning to acknowledge my programmed mind and take action against my programming I have accomplished results that I never would have accomplished without the training. I'm creating a "dream come true" of a dream that I never even knew I had!

Shaun Brackett

Thank you Coach Pete to opening my eyes to my programing and addictions in my life. Your Training course has changed my life and career to new possibilities and opportunities.


After attending basic training I realized that my avoiding issues was not a help to myself or the world around me. I am now able to openly confront people with issues that need addressed. I have noticed that productivity in my department has greatly gone up as we are all accountable and will get called out on things that need changed.


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